This is the blueprint stage of a video — script writing, shot list generation, selecting background music, determining what animation will be useful, choosing a format to shoot on, scheduling talent, locations, lighting, cameras and crew. et dolore. Kodiak Video Productions can even provide editing services for written copy or brochures. Call today for a quote or price list of services.


During this stage we gather the raw materials — footage from the scheduled shoots on location or in the studio, recording the narration and/or original music, designing and rendering the animation.

Effective image-building TV ads


With everything collected we build the project — footage is digitized and edited, titles are inserted, special effects are incorporated, and after a rough and then final review, the master program is duplicated to the desired final dolore.

Radio Ads

A sixty second high impact radio ad that compliments the TV ad campaign can really drive home your message. Clients have been amazed that radio actually does get results when done well. Let us mail you a CD of some of our work so you can “hear” for yourself the difference a well-done radio ad makes. et dolore.


Please see our web site page for our many examples!