Cost-effective Corporate Marketing Videos…we get results! Kodiak Video Production focuses on getting you results, not just awards (although we did win a TELLY Finalist award for the N&L Enterprises “Color Copiers” ad). We like to hear our customers say “the client was sitting on the fence concerning a decision to go with us and your video brought him in” (Trinity Counseling Center).


“We’ve had so many positive comments about our ads now that you’re shooting them – they’re really getting the attention of our viewing audience” (TownHouse Galleries). Or our personal favorite: “come to  think of it, fax sales WERE up last month…” (N&L Enterprises).  We take the time to get to know you.   To get to know your client and what motivates them.  To help you make more sales.   You have great products and services; we can help your potential customers discover that.