Want to maximize the time visitors spend on your site or use a stylized background to present your products? Using a “green screen” video allows the maximum flexibility for your production. It gives you the opportunity to use unique backgrounds or change the look of your video in the future.

Having someone narrate your website is also a great way to guide visitors through your products, services, and information. Click on the before and after videos at right to see how we made the “service” that Energy Alliance sells more tangible for a viewer to grasp. (To see the entire video go to and then give them a call – they’re extremely happy with the results they’re getting from their new website and video and they could save you some money on energy costs!)

Green screen video compositing (also known as chromakey since you’re “keying” out one color) is a technique that has been used for many years in the TV and film industry. An example of chroma keying would be the weather report on television or an action movie with character-generated dinasours. The presenter or actor is not actually in front of a map covered with forecasts for that week or petting a dinasour. They are in front a plain green or blue background. The green background is replaced by the still or video images and a composite image of both presenter and background is created.

If you are in the Greater Cincinnati area we invite you to our studio in Northern Kentucky for the green screen recording or, if you have a large enough room (that’s also quiet if you want audio) we can come to you. We can also work with you to develop your script, help you practice for the on-camera part if you choose to be your own talent, provide on-camera talent if you want a professional to do the talking, and add any animation you may want to drive home your points.

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