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1999 Finalist
20th Annual Telly Awards

(yeah, I know, 1999!  Been too busy to submit any more work for an award!)

A national competition honoring outstanding non-network television commercials and programs and non-broadcast videos and film production.  We only needed one, now we can say we're "award-winning".

A few of our clients & what we've done for them:

ADTRAN - training & product videos
Applebees' Thomas & King Franchise - training videos
Barrow Fine Furniture - TV commercials, message-on-hold
Boone County Public Library  - message-on-hold
The Bridge Community Church - TV ads
Buckeye Security
- message-on-hold
CareNet Pregnancy Services - testimonial videos
Carrousel Productions - voice-overs, on-camera talent, camera operator
Cincinnati Athletic Club - brochure, information folder
Cowan Real Estate Consultants - voice-over/editing powerpoint presentation
DanzArtz Co! - radio ads
The Daytrader's Tool Box - voice-work
Definitive Solutions - narrations
Dr. James Wright
- message-on-hold
Emerald Creative Services
- camera operator, editor
Energy Alliances -
web site with green screen video & animation
Facet Jewelry Music & Pawn - in-store video with green screen, message-on-hold
Fritz's Deer Lure - website
Howard Bentley Jeep Pontiac in Albertville - TV ad, radio and on-camera talent
Hebron Auto Sales - 2 minute infomercial
Home Furniture
- 2 minute infomercial, 3 TV ads, website, message-on-hold
Home Flooring - website

Humane Society of Kentucky
- camera operator, editor
Huntsville Symphony Orchestra - editor, TV ads
IBM Technology Group, Regional office - sales video
Insight Communications - camera operator, talent
Interconnect Systems Corporation - radio ads, marketing video
Joe Lay & Sons Plumbing - website, message-on-hold
Lightstone Communications - voice talent, camera operator, editor
Motorola, Huntsville - talent
Macke Bindery - marketing video, brochure
Middendorf Animal Hospital - message-on-hold
N&L Enterprises - marketing video, TV and radio ads
Plastic Fusion Fabricators - marketing video
Quinn Electric
- website
Raymond's Hong Kong Cafe
- website, print advertising
One Eleven Engineering & Surveying
- website
Schussler Dentistry - website, message-on-hol
Schutte Stair Company
- message-on-hold
Superior Walls - TV infomercials

SUMMA Technology - training video
Theatre House - website, catalog photos
TownHouse Galleries - website, TV & radio ads
Toebben Companies - print ads and fliers
Trinity Counseling Center - marketing video
United Methodist Church of Tuscaloosa - marketing video
The Vineyard Christian Church, Kentucky - welcome video
WRSA, FM97 - voice work
Warman's Martial Arts- web site
WERT Music
- web site

..... This could be you!

Bold font denotes Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky businesses.

Take their word for it...

Randy Thompson, Vice President, IBM Technology Group:
"Great creative ideas don't necessarily need huge production budgets -- they spring from a deep understanding of human wants and needs and the ability to connect quickly, crisply and with a sense of empathy.  You are very talented and your work shines in this regard.  Well done."

Anissa Morton, Plastic Fusion Fabricators:
"Thank you for the outstanding job you did on our corporate video.  Our salespeople now have a marketing tool that holds the customer's attention while presenting very technical information."

Ron Hackney, SUMMA Technology:
"Super job on our ISO9000 training tape!  Despite a tight deadline and limited information, Kodiak Video was able to create an effective tool for training our employees."

Wayne Bentley, Howard Bentley Pontiac-GMC-Jeep:
"The ad you produced not only helps people remember our name, but it brings them into the dealership.  Good work."

Douglass Davies, Lightstone Communications:
"Kodiak Video helped us take a client national on a tough editing project.   Creativity, a great work ethic, and taking deadlines seriously makes your company a class act."

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