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1999 Finalist
20th Annual Telly Awards

(yeah, I know, 1999!  Been too busy to submit any more work for an award!)

A national competition honoring outstanding non-network television commercials and programs and non-broadcast videos and film production.  We only needed one, now we can say we're "award-winning".

Message on Hold...
free advertising to a "captive" audience

Many business owners know that a Message-On-Hold -- if done well -- is a wise way to inform callers about all aspects of their business, from products and services to hours of operation and location.   As clients wait a few moments on hold they won’t feel forgotten and in the process will probably learn something that may result in a sale once the call is taken.   

Our one time fee includes writing a 3 minute script (minimum), recording a professional voice-over and editing it to entertaining, royalty-free music that matches the personality of your company or business.  Also included in our total package is a digital player so that the music and message we create will always play reliably.  The player can also be easily updated if the need arises with a file.  All this with no long term monthly contract!  Call some of our local clients below to hear examples of our work or click on the link at the bottom:


Dickey’s Glass, Covington KY (859) 261-4646
Dr. James Wright, Union KY (859) 384-1700
Dr. Tiffany Buller-Schussler, Hebron KY (859) 653-0525

Tate Builders Supply, Erlanger KY (859) 727-1212


Schutte Stair Company, Cincinnati OH (513) 561-5700


Tri-Mer Corporation, Owosso MI  (989) 723-7838

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