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1999 Finalist
20th Annual Telly Awards

(yeah, I know, 1999!  Been too busy to submit any more work for an award!)

A national competition honoring outstanding non-network television commercials and programs and non-broadcast videos and film production.  We only needed one, now we can say we're "award-winning".

Message on Hold...
free advertising to a "captive" audience

Many business owners know that a Message-On-Hold -- if done well -- is a wise way to inform callers about all aspects of their business, from products and services to hours of operation and location.   As clients wait a few moments on hold they won’t feel forgotten and in the process will probably learn something that may result in a sale once the call is taken.   

Our one time fee includes writing a minimum 3 minute script, recording a professional voice-over, and editing it to entertaining, royalty-free music that matches the personality of your company or business.  Also included in our total package is a digital CD player so that the music and message we create will always play reliably.  The player can also be easily updated if the need arises with a new CD.  All this with no long term monthly contract!  Call some of our local clients below to hear examples of our work or click on the link at the bottom:


Boone County Public Library, Union KY (859) 384-5550
Combined Public Communications, Crescent Springs KY (859) 441-5554
Dickey’s Glass, Covington KY (859) 261-464659)
Dr. James Wright, Union KY (859) 384-1700
Dr. Tiffany Buller-Schussler, Hebron KY (859) 653-0525
Joe Lay & Sons Plumbing, Burlington KY(859) 384-3467
Middendorf Animal Hospital, Florence KY (859) 647-2007


Buckeye Security, Cincinnati OH (513) 731-7233
Schutte Stair Company, Cincinnati OH (513) 561-5700


Tri-Mer Corporation, Owosso MI  (989) 723-7838


Barrow Fine Furniture, Opp AL (205) 733-1995
TownHouse Galleries, Decatur AL (256) 350-1320
Wholesale Cars, Albertville AL (click here to hear it!)

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